Major devastation from Cyclone Fiona in Canada

According to Canadian authorities, Cyclone Fiona was packing winds of 120 kilometers per hour and moving in a northeasterly direction at a speed of 37 kilometers per hour.

High waves hit the coastline of Nova Scotia and southwestern Newfoundland and may exceed 12 meters.

Two women were swept away by the waters in Chanel-Port-au-Basque, Newfoundland province, according to a police spokeswoman. One of the two, who was swept away by water after her house collapsed, was rescued and taken to a hospital, where she was admitted and is being treated, while the second is missing.

Fiona passed the day before Friday off Bermuda after wreaking havoc in the Caribbean.

The cyclone brought winds of 100 miles per hour and heavy rain to this British region of about 64,000 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but no casualties were reported and no serious damage was reported.

Bermuda, about a thousand kilometers from the US, an area prone to cyclones, is one of the most isolated places in the world, which makes it impossible to evacuate residents in case of emergency.

The main island thus takes preparations for extreme weather very seriously. Properties and houses must also be built to strict specifications there to withstand cyclones.

Hurricane Fiona has killed four people in the US territory of Puerto Rico, according to an official cited by media. One death was reported in Guadeloupe, an offshore territory of France, and two more in the Dominican Republic.

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