About the Liberal Globe



The Liberal Globe is a website that provides analyzes, researches, proposals and solutions to the various problems faced by the modern world (hence the second word – Globe – in our name). 

The aim of the Liberal Globe is to provide all the useful solutions and suggestions that inspire and motivate the world, but mainly to inspire and motivate all those who hold power and apply all kinds of policies (geopolitical, fiscal, economic, social, transnational etc.) in order to solve the problems of peoples and societies, while creating our proposals all those conditions that will improve the lives of our fellow men and will allow the people of this world as much on individual as on collective level equally, to make things beneficial to their societies.

For people to achieve all this, there must be a supreme ideal, a unique supreme principle through which its holder, either on an individual level (as a person) or on a collective level (as a society) if he holds it, to be able to make the most to the total of the progress and the culture produced.

This unique and supreme principle is Freedom. But not just the word Freedom, but the supreme principle of Freedom, the Liberalism (hence the first word – Liberal – in our name) which is based on three indisputable and fully applicable principles:

  • Equality (Isonomy) – every human being is equal when faced with the law, but also every person is equal in its participation in the formulation of each law (these constitute the basis of human rights).
  • The abolition of all types of totalitarianism.
  • The control every power of coercion, setting boundaries and limitations.

It is only then that Freedom (Liberalism) allows the Democracy – the Democracy as a means of governance – to become operational by giving all participants in society the “right to education”, the “right to work”, the “right to care” etc. while giving them the opportunity to participate in creation and progress, rendering the Democracy the highest rank that it can give. The Citizen’s dignity.

Creating the Liberal Globe we knew from the outset that when we approach the analysis of such issues-problems we will meet several times conflicting values and that we may find ourselves in the dilemma to have to choose which values we should accept and which values should we refuse to get to the overall picture and solution of the problem that we examine each time. The values that we will choose and always choose to the approach of each analysis and problem are those that are and appear to be right, even if that means we must oppose the will and the majority view, even if these positions that we express may be unpleasant and unbearable for the majority.

We wish on this trip, all travelers-readers to be helped to the fullest in achieving all these goals defined by our name-The Liberal Globe.



A short biography about the Founder of the Liberal Globe


Athanassios S. Chonthrogiannis (short name, Thanos) is an Economist. His work experience moves in a wide professional field between managerial and advisory roles. He started his career as a Quantitative-Fixed Income Analyst in Global Capital Markets in Commerzbank AG London (U.K.). He then worked as an Option Trader (junior), as a Financial Analyst and Fund Manager in Mutual Funds industry, as Strategic Planning Analyst in Energy sector, as a Project Controller in the Shipyard Building industry (Merchant & Military vessels equally) and as Chief Economist in Real Estate Investments. He possesses an Economist License in Greece since 2003 and a B Class Accounting License. He is registered in Economic Chamber of Greece with No.Registration 0069786. He holds a degree in BSc(Econ) in Financial Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London and a postgraduate degree in MSc in Economics & Finance, University of Warwick. Currently, he is an economist-researcher in the fields of economic research/business planning and strategic planning and he is the CEO of the Trust Economics. Trust Economics is a specialized independent economic research, analysis & consultancy business (https://trusteconomics.eu).

He is the author of the books titled:

  • “A Development Plan for the Greek Economy & A New Strategy to Boost Growth in Eurozone”
  • “Purchases, Sales, Investments and Property Portfolio Management”

(www.amazon.com => Amazon’s Search Engine => Athanassios Chonthrogiannis)



Our readers expect us to keep them well informed about the world. So, each week on Thursday noon online we provide carefully chosen global mix of stories. Our authoritative insight opinions, analyses, researches are reflected in the sections which are both thematic (Geopolitics, Politics, Economics & Finance, Business, Social, Research and Columns) and geographical (US, America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia). By systematically sifting news-issues in these categories we aim to safeguard that readers miss nothing important. In addition, we attempt to detect ideas and trends that will shape global progresses with intention to keep both us and our readers involved in the “severe contest”. This underpins all our digital outputs.

Our stories offer a distinctive blend of news, based on facts and ingenious analysis, incorporating The Liberal Globe’sperspective.

We do not attach ourselves to any political party. Our public agenda is liberal in the classical sense and that indicates our name. We support the individual Freedom that every man must possess as good. We do not support just the word Freedom, but we support the unique and supreme principle that characterizes the word Freedom. The Liberalism (hence the first word – Liberal – in our name) which is based on three indisputable and fully applicable principles:

  • Equality (Isonomy) – every human being is equal when faced with the law, but also every person is equal in its participation in the formulation of each law (these constitute the basis of human rights).
  • The abolition of all types of totalitarianism.
  • The control every power of coercion, setting boundaries and limitations.

We support free trade and laissez-faire laissez-passer policies. We continue to promote bold policies in favour of individual freedoms, regardless of whether they are politically popular, even if that means we must oppose the will and the majority view, even if these positions that we express may be unpleasant and unbearable for the majority.


The Liberal Globe endeavors for the uppermost moral standards. Our moral attitude falls under two categories:

Core Principles

  • We should be honest, fair and fearless in assembling, reporting and interpreting information.
  • We are accountable to our readers and each other.
  • We stead fastly uphold our editorial independence.
  • We use objective data and research in order to be top informed.
  • We apply classical liberal values transparently in our reporting and analysis.
  • We are transparent about conflicts of interest. As website magazine-journal, we must be especially beyond approach.

Conflicts of Interest

  • The editor-in-chief sets clear rules on conflict of interest. These rules are reviewed and re-circulated periodically. Those who do not follow the rules the penalty can be dismissal.
  • The editor-in-chief keeps a registry of our journalists-associates interests and updated annually.
  • Anyone wishing to accept a trip offered by a government company or other entity must obtain approval by a senior editor. Such trips should be rare i.e. they should be limited to press trips offered for travel pieces with a disclosure printed in the resulting context, or the case where a trip cannot be taken at our expense, such as travel into a warzone.
  • Journalists, Analysts and Researchers arriving as associates at The Liberal Globe from a partisan political job will not be allowed to write about policy or politics in the country in which they held that job for some time. Journalists, analysts and researchers covering politics or policy cannot contribute money or help to a political party or organization in the country they are working in.
  • Facilitation payments to expedite or secure a government action are not acceptable.

Author Name

Most newspapers and magazines use bylines to identify the journalists who write their articles. The Liberal Globe use the same practice but strictly prohibits the use of photos for his writers. The reason this photo-ban policy is applied is about the safety of the writers and journalists who collaborate with us.

The ideal policy in this topic would be to apply full anonymity for columnists and writers in all kinds of magazines and newspapers of both the printed press and the online press and without ever allowing the use of photos in all kinds of forms. We are supporters of the view that what is written is the most important of who writes it. In the case of such a policy, the anonymity of the columnist and author imposed by the directorate, gives full freedom to young writers to express their own view under the protection of anonymity or pseudonymous by giving at the same time to readers, especially in the case of new newspapers and magazines respectively and as is our online magazine/journal, the impression that their editorial team are numerous than they actually are. But to make our readers believe that our editorial team is much greater than it is, is deception and falsehood and goes completely against the code of conduct we follow in The Liberal Globe.

On the other hand we know that in a world such as today’s constantly using social networks, television, internet and is addicted in general to photography and video in order to “break” the bonds of anonymity, it is very difficult to apply today, in a new online magazine such as ours, the policy of the complete anonymity of its columnists and writers. In addition, it is the right of everyone (columnist, writer, etc.) to want to show his work through his writings, assuming both the credit of his work and his responsibilities if the readers are not satisfied by the writings of.

For this reason, we give the right to columnists and writers who collaborate or want to collaborate with The Liberal Globe to use-show let in their posts only bylines with their first and last name (if they wish) or to use initials of their name and surname (and with no profiles in both cases) and only for the job-article they have written and present. But what is not allowed is the use of any photo and profile of them and purely for reasons their own security and for the others security who collaborate with us.

Most of the articles, analyses and researches that have been written so far in our website have been wrote by the founder and the soul of The Liberal Globe, Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis, who was in the first place impossible not to expose his profile publicly to our readers (his profile does not include a photo), who have every right to know who created the website The Liberal Globe.

In general, we believe that this approach is the best compromise between total anonymity and full bylines, in our view.

Nameless Sources

  • We make use of nameless sources and conversations on background because they can be more informative.
  • We may withhold the name of the source who talk to us on the record, if that individual might be put in danger or legal jeopardy if their name is revealed or if we deem it otherwise unnecessary to name them.
  • We strive to describe nameless sources with as much detail as we think readers need to assess their credibility.

Fact Checking Procedures

  • We aim to guarantee that any fact, figure or quotation is checked for precision and credibility by our fact-checkers. This applies to all posts/articles published in our web-magazine/journal.
  • Authors are expected to write with fact-checking in mind and should be ready to provide source material and to discuss and respond questions.
  • We work on copy as close to the final version as deadlines allow.
  • We check against original sources that we believe to be reliable; for items that cannot be confirmed directly we procedure a view based on other reliable information.
  • We also consider whether the framework and appearance of the facts are fair.
  • There is no standard procedure and the approaches adopted will depend on the nature of the material and the need for timely reporting of news/analyses.
  • We discuss questions with the author or editor.
  • All enquiries must be resolved before a story is published. The final says on any matter rests with the editor.


We aim to acknowledge serious factual errors and correct such mistakes quickly, clearly and appropriately. Online, published corrections should note what was wrong, what was put right and when. Readers who wish to bring errors to our attention may e-mail: info@liberalglobe.com



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