Fact-checking Procedures

  • We aim to guarantee that any fact, figure or quotation is checked for precision and credibility by our fact-checkers. This applies to all posts/articles published in our web-magazine/journal.
  • Authors are expected to write with fact-checking in mind and should be ready to provide source material and to discuss and respond questions.
  • We work on copy as close to the final version as deadlines allow.
  • We check against original sources that we believe to be reliable; for items that cannot be confirmed directly we procedure a view based on other reliable information.
  • We also consider whether the framework and appearance of the facts are fair.
  • There is no standard procedure and the approaches adopted will depend on the nature of the material and the need for timely reporting of news/analyses.
  • We discuss questions with the author or editor.
  • All enquiries must be resolved before a story is published. The final says on any matter rests with the editor.