Our Purpose

The Liberal Globe is a website that offers authoritative insight and opinions, analyzes, researches, proposals to the various issues faced by the modern world like international politics, geopolitics, economics & finance, business, social and the connections between them (hence the second word – Globe – in our name).

The aim of the Liberal Globe is to provide all the useful solutions and suggestions that inspire and motivate the world, but mainly to inspire and motivate all those who hold power and apply all kinds of policies (geopolitical, fiscal, economic, social, transnational etc.) in order to solve the problems of peoples and societies, while creating our proposals all those conditions that will improve the lives of our fellow men and will allow the people of this world as much on individual as on collective level equally, to make things beneficial to their societies.

For people to achieve all this, there must be a supreme ideal, a unique supreme principle through which its holder, either on an individual level (as a person) or on a collective level (as a society) if he holds it, to be able to make the most to the total of the progress and the culture produced.

This unique and supreme principle is Freedom. But not just the word Freedom, but the supreme principle of Freedom, the Liberalism (hence the first word – Liberal – in our name) which is based on three indisputable and fully applicable principles:

• Equality (Isonomy) – every human being is equal when faced with the law, but also every person is equal in its participation in the formulation of each law (these constitute the basis of human rights).
• The abolition of all types of totalitarianism.
• The control every power of coercion, setting boundaries and limitations.

It is only then that Freedom (Liberalism) allows the Democracy – the Democracy as a means of governance – to become operational by giving all participants in society the “right to free entrepreneurship”, the “right to education”, the “right to work”, the “right to healthcare” etc. while giving them the opportunity to participate in creation and progress, rendering the Democracy the highest rank that it can give. The Citizen’s dignity.

Creating the Liberal Globe we knew from the outset that when we approach the analysis of such issues-problems we will meet several times conflicting values and that we may find ourselves in the dilemma to have to choose which values we should accept and which values should we refuse to get to the overall picture and solution of the problem that we examine each time. The values that we will choose and always choose to the approach of each analysis and problem are those that are and appear to be right, even if that means we must oppose the will and the majority view, even if these positions that we express may be unpleasant and unbearable for the majority.

We wish on this trip, all travelers-readers to be helped to the fullest in achieving all these goals defined by our name-The Liberal Globe.