The Liberal Globe endeavors for the uppermost moral standards. Our moral attitude falls under two categories:

Core Principles

  • We should be honest, fair and fearless in assembling, reporting and interpreting information.
  • We are accountable to our readers and each other.
  • We stead fastly uphold our editorial independence.
  • We use objective data and research in order to be top informed.
  • We apply classical liberal values transparently in our reporting and analysis.
  • We are transparent about conflicts of interest. As website magazine-journal, we must be especially beyond approach.

Conflicts of Interest

  • The editor-in-chief sets clear rules on conflict of interest. These rules are reviewed and re-circulated periodically. Those who do not follow the rules the penalty can be dismissal.
  • The editor-in-chief keeps a registry of our journalists-associates interests and updated annually.
  • Anyone wishing to accept a trip offered by a government company or other entity must obtain approval by a senior editor. Such trips should be rare i.e. they should be limited to press trips offered for travel pieces with a disclosure printed in the resulting context, or the case where a trip cannot be taken at our expense, such as travel into a warzone.
  • Journalists, Analysts and Researchers arriving as associates at The Liberal Globe from a partisan political job will not be allowed to write about policy or politics in the country in which they held that job for some time. Journalists, analysts and researchers covering politics or policy cannot contribute money or help to a political party or organization in the country they are working in.
  • Facilitation payments to expedite or secure a government action are not acceptable.