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The website www.liberalglobe.com (Referred to hereafter as «liberalglobe.com» or «Website»)  provides all its content and services in accordance with these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy that you are required to read their contents in detail, which aim to ensure the correct use of  «Website» information by users-visitors and the smooth provision of internet services through it. Every visitor of the «liberalglobe.com» and any recipient of the relevant services (hereinafter referred to as «visitors-users» or «you») must read carefully these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and proceed to any use the content or services of the «liberalglobe.com» only on condition that they accept them as they are and agree to their full implementation.

Any use of this “Website” and its information, as well as the commentary on it, assumes and implies your explicit and unconditional consent to the entire content of these Terms of Use. This text constitutes the total and exclusive binding agreement between the «Website» and the respective use of its electronic (digital) services. All «visitors-users» must be over 18 years of age. Any use of the «liberalglobe.com» is made by an adult «visitor-user», with full legal ability.

The «Website» administrator reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, without notice to website’s «visitors-users», informing them only by posting the new Terms of Use text at the relevant point of the «liberalglobe.com». Upon any modification of the Terms of Use, any use of the content or services by “you” is equivalent to an unattended acceptance of the newer Terms of Use, which bind you.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The design, and all the content of the «liberalglobe.com» including graphics, pages, titles, categories and subcategories, texts, analyses, photos, videos belongs to automatically and without any wording to the creators of the «Website» in accordance with law 2121/1993 “Intellectual Property” as it stands today. With the exception of some articles, pictures-images, videos, etc. included in the «liberalglobe.com», whose copyrights belong to third parties (bodies, organizations, associates, third-party sources explicitly mentioned), all content of the «Website», including titles, texts, images, graphics and generally all of the files of «liberalglobe.com» is the intellectual property of its manager/founder and is protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek Law,  European Law and International Conventions and Treaties. Therefore, any act of copying, imitation, modification, reproduction by any means, commercial exploitation, resale and of any general processing of the appearance or content of «Website», or the attempt to intervene unauthorized use of the software is prohibited. Any reproduction, dissemination or any other use of all or part of the content of the «liberalglobe.com» in any way and for any purpose, commercial or not, is only permitted with explicit reference to source in the form of an active link in the article/analysis.

The logo «THE LIBERAL GLOBE» in whatever form it appears as well as all trademarks contained in this «Website» are either registered trademarks or protected distinctive features of its administrator/founder or its associates and are protected by applicable industrial property laws. The appearance of these marks or distinctive features in the «liberalglobe.com» should not be construed in any way as tacit licensing by anyone. Any use of the relevant trademarks is possible only after the written permission of their beneficiaries. The violation or infringement of the industrial property rights in any way has the consequence of the responsibilities and penalties stipulated by law.

Proper Use of Services

All content, information and services of the site «liberalglobe.com» are addressed to adults and are provided for information, for personal, non-commercial use and without registration of «visitors-users». When browsing visitors to the site we do not collect personal data unless you choose to register (subscribe) in «liberalglobe.com», if you want to comment under its articles or if you send us completed the contact form. More information about the protection of your data in the above cases is included in the article 4 of these Terms of Use.

Limitation of Liability «Visitors-Users»

It becomes clear that the «liberalglobe.com» is not a journalistic or news site but produces in-depth analyses and research in specific areas, where the «Website» itself chooses it. More on the purpose of«liberalglobe.com» you should read the page Our Purpose (About the Liberal Globe) and on the page Philosophy (About the Liberal Globe, subcategory Web-Edit Practices, subcategory Philosophy) on the «Website». Consequently, the «Website» administrator and its affiliates and as it concerns news and information, in no way guarantee the accuracy, correctness or validity of the information provided by any third party that includes it. All content and information contained in the «liberalglobe.com» including advertisements, as they appear, should under no circumstances be construed as advice or prompts for a specific action of «visitors-users» of the «Website».

The comments under the texts-analyses, are generally derived from readers, whose name can be either referred to or not, depending on the wishes of their author. The «liberalglobe.com» publishes any comment that is relevant to the topic to which the article/analysis refers. It should be noted that by publishing these comments in the context of free expression, the «liberalglobe.com» and its associates do not endorse the views contained in them and in no way are they responsible for their content. Also, the «liberalglobe.com» reserves the right not to publish slanderously or abusive comments where it finds them. In each case everyone is responsible for his writing and the «liberalglobe.com» no legal or other responsibility has. All information referred to in the relevant articles/analyses shall not be construed as an action or withdrawal for a specific action. Any actions of «visitors-users» made based on the information provided on the «Website» do not give rise to the responsibility of the administrator/founder of the«liberalglobe.com». The responsibility for the proper use of the information and services of the «liberalglobe.com» rests solely with the «visitor-user» of the «Website». You read the texts and generally all the contents of the «Website» and use the relevant services (commenting, sending information posts etc.) on your own initiative, evaluating the content at your discretion and being fully undertaken the relevant responsibility.

The «visitors-users» of the «Website» accept that they will not use the «liberalglobe.com» for any unauthorized use, including but not limited to the infringement of third parties’ personal data, unauthorized use of information, and the dispatch or non-transmission of unlawful, offensive, defamatory or otherwise unfair content. When commenting, «visitors-users» are required to comply with the rules of article 5 of these Terms of Use. Also, when commenting, «visitors-users» are expressly forbidden to adopt practices of unfair competition or others that contravene the code of conduct of Internet users. Any damage caused to our «Website» or the Internet in general resulting from the improper or indecorous use of the relevant services by the user or visitor goes back to their exclusive sphere of responsibility. The «visitors-users» of the «Website» are responsible to the administrator/founder for the restoration of any damage or moral damage caused by the unlawful or contrary to these «liberalglobe.com» Terms of Use on their behalf.

By any kind of use of the «Website» and the subsequent acceptance of these Terms of Use you acknowledge that the Website’s administrator and associates of «liberalglobe.com» are not liable under any circumstances including the case of negligence, for any form of damage, loss or moral damage resulting from the use, availability or unavailability of the services and contents of the «Website».

Protection of Personal Data

Please read very carefully our Privacy Policy page (About the Liberal Globe subcategory Privacy Policy) of the «Website».

The «liberalglobe.com» maintains a record/archive of «visitors’-users’» personal data and is processed which is, as appropriate, the following: when registering (subscription (e-mail address), when sending a message through the contact form (first name, surname, e-mail address), when using the comment system as a visitor (visitor’s e-mail address, IP, browser user) and comply with the “personal data protection” specifications, as in force today.

In particular, the «Website» maintains a record of the personal nature of the users’ visitors. The data of the «visitors-users» of the «Website» that are observed are the ones mentioned above and are strictly necessary for the effective provision of the relevant service, i.e. the provision of the possibility of commenting or the completion of requested communication.

The «Website» retains your personal data only for as long as it is imposed by the contractual terms of each service in combination with the applicable telecommunication, and other legislation, based on the respective purpose of processing, and then anonymizes or it destroys them. You can ask us and find out what data we collect about you and to correct or to delete them unless their retention is enforced by Law for documentary or judicial purposes and for the prosecution of unlawful acts. Using the relevant services of the «liberalglobe.com» and therefore by accepting these Terms of Use you provide at the same time your explicit consent to the processing and storage of your personal data in accordance with the above.

Your data is not transmitted to third parties for any other purpose. However, the «Website» administrator may transmit personal data of the «visitors-users» of the «liberalglobe.com» if he accepts such request from the competent authorities and is required to comply under the law or if some kind of processing of such data is necessary by the associates of the «Website» and to the extent that this is strictly necessary for the provision of technical support.

Your e-mail address (e-mail) is not used to send spam or advertisements, nor is it provided to third parties without your consent. If you Sign up as a newsletter recipient in every message you receive, there will be a choice to delete you from the recipients list.

All users of the «liberalglobe.com» that provide in any way personal information through it at any time they wish to have access to their data, as well as the right to objection in their processing as provided for in articles 11 to 13 of law 2472/1997. In particular: you have the right to be informed about the data that the «Website» holds about you, as well as to request the deletion, rectification or updating of such data or to express any objection to the processing, addressed to the following address info@liberalglobe.com

The «Website» may use cookies to improve and facilitate your browsing. The cookies are small data files that are sent to your PC and recognize you as a «visitor-user» by storing your personal preferences and technical information. We may use persistent or temporary cookies, which means that they remain either until you delete them or until you close your browser. The cookies themselves do not contain or disclose any personal information through the «Website», this information may be linked to the data stored in the cookies. If you do not accept the use of cookies by «liberalglobe.com», you can change your browser settings to block cookies. In this case, some of our services may not be available.

Rules Comments

For commenting under the articles of the «liberalglobe.com», the “visitor-user” can use his account on social networks Facebook, Twitter or in the system of Discussιon. It can even comment as a visitor, providing just a name and a valid e-mail address (e-mail). When posting comments and exchanging views with other commentators, you must comply with the ethical rules outlined in this article.

  • The «visitors-users» of the «Website» remain solely responsible for any kind of content posted on the «Website» and accept its immediate deletion, if this violates the law or these Terms of Use in any way.
  • The Administrator and associates of the«liberalglobe.com» under no circumstances can they be regarded as accepting or embracing the personal ideas and perceptions expressed in the «visitor’s-user’s» comments.
  • The «visitors-users» of the «Website» retain in full the responsibility for any damage or malfunction that may occur to other «visitors-users» or third parties from the content they publish and generally from the possible unlawful or improper use of the «Website» services on their behalf.
  • The «visitors-users» of the «Website» must be expressed with dignity and moderation. If the administrator is informed or notified of any offensive or abusive expressions or comments that affect the honour, dignity or personality of anyone, he reserves the right to delete the relevant comments without notice and at his judgement.
  • The commenting service of «liberalglobe.com» is forbidden to be used for any unfair or unlawful purpose, including but not limited to: the publication or dispatch of unlawful, offensive, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, threatening, violent, abusive, racist, hateful or otherwise unfair content that violates the personality and personal data of others, the false imitation of any third party or the false reference to a relationship with third parties, the publication, transfer or reproduction of content infringing third party “intellectual property rights”, sending, publishing or using another method to install unsolicited advertising (spam) and harassment with any way of the privacy of other users in any way.
  • If a violation of any of the above rules is found, the administrator of the «liberalglobe.com» reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove the illegal content by deleting the relevant comment and/or blocking the possibility of commenting by this user, permanently or temporarily.  Please note that the «Website» administrator cannot and is not legally obliged to constantly monitors comments and conversations between “visitors-users”, nor is it personally responsible any damage that may occur to “visitors-users” or third parties from such comments.


The «liberalglobe.com» may include links to other websites managed and controlled by third parties. Under no circumstances the administrator and the associates of the «Website» do not endorse or accept the content or services of the pages to which it refers or that they collaborate with their administrators in any way. It is clarified that under any circumstances the «Website» Administrator in no way is responsible for the content of the third-party websites to which it refers or for any financial or other type of damage suffered by the «visitor-user» who follows these links on its own initiative.

The «liberalglobe.com» does not guarantee that any links that may include will operate continuously and reserves the right at all times to remove or add links and generally to change the content of the «Website» without notice. By making to any use of the «liberalglobe.com» «you» understand and accept that the administrator in no way is responsible for the content of the links that it contains for the products and services available through these pages or for their advertisements.

Lack of Warranty

The administrator and the associates of the «liberalglobe.com» do not guarantee that at any time all the information reported on the «Website» is correct and valid, whichever way it is contained. In addition, no warranty whatsoever, express or implied, relating to the type or quality of the content or services is provided. All the content of the «liberalglobe.com» (texts/analyses, graphics, articles, photos, videos, etc.) and its services are provided “as is” without any warranty regarding their marketability, availability or suitability for a particular purpose. No explicit guarantee is provided, that these services and generally all contents of the «Website» will operate without interruptions and errors, nor that any errors will be fixed within a certain period.

Therefore, the «Website» administrator is not responsible to the «visitors-users» or third parties for any property damage, whether positive or consequential (loss of earnings) or moral damage caused to them by any reason related to the use, operation, availability or inability to provide services or information to the «liberalglobe.com» or possible interventions by third parties in its functions. Please note that under no circumstances is the administrator or the partners of the «Website» responsible for any failure to perform or provide a service due to force majeure, i.e. an incident outside of their reasonably expected control.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

These Terms of Use of this website «liberalglobe.com» and any subsequent amendment, are governed and supplemented by the Greek law and the law of the European Union. By visiting the «Website» and using in any way its services, you accept in their entirety, these Terms of Use and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens (Greece) for any difference arises from the use of “liberalglobe.com» on your behalf. All the above terms are defined as essential. If any provision of these Terms of Use is considered or made in the future contrary to the law, it ceases to be valid and is deemed to have been deleted under this agreement, without prejudice in any case to the validity of the remaining terms. This text is the entire agreement between the website «liberalglobe.com» and its «visitors-users». In the event of a future amendment, the newest text will apply from the date of suspension to the relevant point of the «Website».

In case you disagree with any of the above-mentioned Terms of Use you should not make any use of the contents or services of the «liberalglobe.com».

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