The Continuously Growing Mobile Gaming Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the habits of citizens worldwide as they had to spend most of the day at home, either working remotely or because of the nature of their work they were forced to leave.

While the Pandemic dealt a severe blow to important industries, such as transport, tourism, etc., at the same time it enabled other industries to emerge. One of them is the mobile game industry, which is literally sweeping, in terms of its dynamic development.

All it takes to enter it is either a mobile phone, οr a laptop, or a PC, or a console, little money, which will then allow him to enter a virtual world full of action and adventures, satisfying at the same time his need to be part of a community of people with the same concerns and choices.

The members of this gaming community are not only teenagers and toddlers, but also older people who after their work will be connected to gaming to relax.

Revenue statistics for he mobile gaming industry

In the current period, the mobile gaming industry has managed to surpass in revenue the Sports and film industries.

• 77,2 bn USD in revenue (2020) massive turnout. It is the highest performing industry globally.

• 12% increase in the number of players from 2019 to 2020, with over 2,5bn players. Nielsen Games in a survey of three countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, it found that a sample of 3,000 active players increased their gaming time by 20 to 45%.

• 19bn USD, spent the gamers on mobile games in Q2 2020.

• Mobile games constitute about 21% of all android app downloads and 25% of all iOS app downloads.

Streaming platforms such as Twitch are constantly increasing their data volumes, as well as the sizes of their participants. 2020 was a very good year in terms of revenue and growth for the mobile gaming industry.

Mobile gaming advertisers increased by 9% from the prior year to 60000. These advertisers made up a large chunk of mobile advertisers at 24%.

The players

Companies are constantly entering the field and offering “golden” contracts to Gamers to play in front of their online audience. At the same time, new consoles and games are constantly evolving, with the people who make the games evolving this environment on a daily basis.

The development potential of gaming is innumerable and as its evolution is constantly evolving. The new trend right now is virtual reality, which is now used by psychologists to work with people who can not cope with the loss of a loved one. In other words, they make digital characters on the person they lost and it is as if they have him in front of them and he speaks to them.

YouTube and Gamers’ platforms are places where some can watch their favorite players quit games, either live or on video.

The biggest online platforms are investing more and more in gaming content, because a huge number of their visitors are constantly appearing over time.

Live stream Youtube, Facebook gaming, offer contracts to streamers-gamers engaged in professional and competitive gaming. YouTube offers exclusive contracts to good streamers. Just as footballers / basketball players sign a contract, so streamers-gamers sign a contract with the platforms, not the games.

The range of games is huge, from children’s games to shooting and racing, to constantly expand the age group of visitors.

The community

The community, and the feeling that you belong somewhere, is achieved by the fact that the visitor is watching something that thousands are watching at the same time and at the same time you can participate in the game, talk to strangers and generally feel that you are sharing something.

The audience is looking for someone who plays the same game, so that they can see the way he plays, feel that he belongs somewhere and see that others are having the same fun with him. Gaming allows you to find people to talk to, to express your opinion, and to create a good team.

At the same time one may be behind a screen, but the person projecting through the digital self as a player is crucial and it is this image that is projected to others.

Mobile Game trends predictions in 2022

There is definitely a huge market and millions of gamers, with so many millions of potential gamers. At this time, about 9500 games are uploaded to the stream per year, of which the majority of the games are priced at 0.99 euros. But a percentage of 10-15% are worthwhile games.

85-90% is a matter of marketing promotion. The product must have high standards, as the standards increase, so do the demands of the Gamers.

Game brands we have to spend more on advertising investment to attract more users and grasp sufficient market share. The operating costs must not exceed the generated revenues. To fight the above elements, mobile game companies will have to follow three mobile game trends with aim to capitalize on them and shore up their revenues.

1. Simplify the operating model and reduce unnecessary costs.

They must improve their game development process and working more efficiently, in order to get rid of the unnecessary costs, with fewer resources. One effective way to reduce the cost of the development process is to contact an early CTR test.

CTR test answer questions like – Will this game appeal to Gamers? Will it retain them? Will they keep playing it after their first experience of it? Will it generate revenue? Providing answers to these questions will inform whether you go ahead and commit the resources to that game idea or not.

2. In-game ads, the key to monetizing game apps

Mobile game developers can attract Gamers by offering free games with in-app games. After this, they can generate the more revenue by offering some of their in-game content for a price.

3. Invest in marketing intelligence tools

This strategy aims to improve distribution efficiency and consequently, increase game firms` long-term savings. As a result, these developers will ensure the revenue generated exceeds their operating costs and keep in business.

Market is expected to reach even more growth. It is an opportunity for developers to increase their market share.

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