Six Tri-national Points Destinations in Europe with a Day Trip

Six destinations in Europe in locations where three countries border-tripoint and allow you to experience mountain, nature, sports and visits to cultural monuments.

Italy-Slovenia-Austria, Mount Pec

If you are a fan of hiking and mountaineering this place is the right place to visit. At an altitude of 1,509 meters on Mount Pec, the border of the three countries of Italy, Slovenia and Austria, where every year on the second Sunday of September is celebrated by the inhabitants of the three countries. Starting in Slovenia you will travel to Italy and Austria, through a wonderful six-hour hiking trail crossing forests.

Luxembourg-Germany-France, Schengen village

The Schengen village may be known from the Schengen Treaty, which stipulates the free access of people and goods between EU member states. The Schengen village is located in Luxembourg. When you are in the Schengen village you should visit the European Museum. You can enjoy nature either by bike or by hiking, but also by boating on the river Moselle. Try the gastronomy and wine drinking of the area.

Germany-Switzerland-Austria, Lake Constance

The shores of Lake Constance belong to Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The wider area attracts over 15 million tourists a year. There are the largest waterfalls in Europe, the waterfalls of the river Rhine. You can do winter and water sports, fly with Zeppelin, visit the island of Mainau, which has gardens and is a model of environmental management, but also go hiking and cycling along the lake. Visit the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Saint Gallen Abbey with its library of books over a thousand years old. Visit the island of Reichenau, with its seventh-century monastery and magnificent wetland. Also do not forget to visit the prehistoric settlements on the shores of the lake. Very close is the tiny principality of Liechtenstein.

Norway-Sweden-Finland, Lake Goldajarvi

It is the northernmost point of three places on earth. The current monument defining the tri-national point was built in 1926 and is located 10 meters from the shores of Lake Goldajarvi. There is the possibility for winter sports and hiking, organized excursions to see reindeer and whales up close. In Norway you will see the northernmost whiskey distillery on the planet.

Netherlands-Germany-Belgium Vaalserberg Hill

In this area, between 1839-1920 there was a fourth border between Belgium-Prussia / Germany-Netherlands and Moresne. Moresne was a neutral territory between these three countries. Falsberberg Hill is where the border between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium coincides. This particular hill, with an altitude of 322 meters stands out in terms of what is the highest point in the Netherlands. There are observation towers on both the Dutch and Belgian sides. The view from the towers has a great depth view to both countries. Definitely you should visit the labyrinth, which is made of plants.

Greece-Northern Macedonia-Albania / Lake Megali Prespa

Beautiful place where the island in the middle of the lake is connected by a floating bridge to the mainland. From the ruins of the old Byzantine church you will enjoy a beautiful view of the lake. Visit the beautiful lakeside village, with manicured houses, boating on the lake overlooking the two neighboring countries Albania and Northern Macedonia. Hike on the paths on the shores of the lake and in the Zachariadis cave. In addition, you can take nature tours around the lake with 4WD and ATV and off-road routes. Try the gastronomy in the villages of Greece.

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