SOS from Ukraine for reinforcements as Russians advance on Bakhmut & Zaporizhia

The war in Ukraine continues with particular ferocity mainly in the eastern part of the country in Bakhmut primarily and Zaporozhye secondarily, where the main military operations are taking place, with the Russian Armed Forces even difficult to overthrow the Ukrainian resistance, while at the same time Russia continues the strikes against the country’s energy infrastructure, including the recent and disastrous one of Odessa.

The above makes it imperative to reinforce Ukraine from the West with fighter jets, tanks and other heavy military equipment and ammunition. The recent meeting of the Allies at the Ramstein Air Base, regarding the provision of German Leopard-2 and Abrams tanks from the USA did not have a happy ending, with the result that, at least for the time being, Ukraine does not receive tanks from the West.

New gathering of allies in Ramstein in mid-February to supply fighter jets to Ukraine

The next meeting of Ukraine’s allies will take place at the Ramstein Air Base in a few weeks, in mid-February. The main issue to be discussed will be the provision of air assets to Ukraine, including fighter jets.

Information on this issue was expressed by the head of the Ukrainian defense department Oleksiy Reznikov, without giving details on this issue.

It is known that many countries immediately expressed their readiness to send their helicopters to Ukraine, and in addition, it is known that the Ukrainian authorities intend to send a request to the Netherlands for the supply of F-16 fighters.

The supply of warplanes and military helicopters to Ukraine shows that today Kyiv faces a serious problem in its air force.

However, providing Western fighters to Ukraine could have extremely serious consequences, as it is practically guaranteed that Kyiv will use fighter jets to strike targets far beyond the front line.

The action of the Ukrainian air force in Bakhmut

However, despite this, the Ukrainian military air force began to operate over Bakhmut.

The purpose of using the Ukrainian Air Force in this direction remains unknown, however, apparently, the Ukrainian Air Force is forced to use fighters due to the extremely critical situation in the city and the advance of Russian troops.

In the presented videos, a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter can be seen flying over Bakhmut. The aircraft was flying at a low altitude, apparently for fear of being hit by Russian anti-aircraft missiles.

The Russian artillery barrage in Zaporozhye

During the night Zaporozhye received a heavy barrage of fire from the Russian artillery.

As a result of the artillery strikes, multiple damages were recorded on the territory of the right part of the Zaporozhye region under the control of the Ukrainian troops, including the positions of the Ukrainian troops.

According to various information sources, such settlements as Vremevka, Malinovka, Gulyaipole, Volshebnoye, Malaya Tokmachka, Orekhov, Novodanilovka, Kamenskoye, Zelenaya Roshcha and Novoselka were hit.

Earlier, in some areas, the presence of large forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was registered, and therefore, strikes could be carried out precisely against the positions of the Ukrainian army, especially in the context of the offensive being developed by the Russian army in this direction.

Last week, the Russian army managed to achieve significant success in liberating the territory of the Zaporozhye region, taking control of several settlements.

From the above it is clear that the war in Ukraine is entering a new phase, even more cruel and bloody, with Putin attempting to turn it into a conflict of endurance, military, economic and human resources with the West and Ukraine, hoping that eventually succeed in bending their morale and will to continue hostilities, in order to impose his terms from the position of the victor.

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