The Ukrainians expect a double attack from Dnieper-Belarus

The Ukrainians are not leaving the Russian forces alone, since only in the last 24 hours, Ukrainian missile and artillery units hit a control post, a fuel and lubricants depot, an assembly area for personnel, weapons and military equipment, and a radio electronic warfare station of the Russian.

Russian announcement to intercept all Ukrainian attacks

According to a Russian news agency, the armed forces of Russia repelled mass attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in several directions, the Ministry of Defense announced in Moscow.

  • In the direction of Donetsk,

More than 120 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, two tanks, six armored vehicles and five utility vehicles were destroyed.

  • In the direction of Yuznodonetsk,

An attack was made against the Ukrainian mechanized company in the area of Vodiane settlement. Three groups of Ukrainian saboteurs operating in the Pavlovka area were driven out while casualties amounted to more than fifty soldiers killed and wounded while three infantry fighting vehicles and two armored vehicles were destroyed.

  • In the direction of Kupyansk,

Russian artillery hit a mechanized infantry unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which attacked near the village of Novoselovskoye. As a result, more than 50 soldiers were killed and wounded, while one tank was destroyed, three infantry vehicles and five other vehicles were destroyed.

The Ukrainians heavily bombarded Shebekino and the War Veterans Hospital. Belgorod Oblast Governor V. Gladkov said the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired artillery shells into Shebekino, killing a Russian resident of the area, while a woman died of a head injury when she was thrown by a blast wave.

Doctors were unable to save her and she died in an ambulance. “The day-long shelling from Ukraine mainly hit the War Veterans Hospital that treats the elderly.

The plans of the Russian General Staff are reported to include a possible general attack from Belarus on the territory of Ukraine.

The Russians are strengthening the “line of defense” in the Belgorod region

The Russians continue to build fortifications of defense structures in the Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine. Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Russia, published new figures on the construction of the “line of defense”.

He said the defense lines are being formed due to the tense situation in the region, including several shellings. According to Gladkov, work in various areas has started since April this year and “is being carried out on a large scale.” Photos released by the Russian governor show trenches being dug along with anti-tank embankments, as well as pyramid-shaped concrete structures being placed along the road.

Ukrainians are also seeing Russian forces build up on the border with Belarus every day, while behind the Dnieper another large force of Russians is gathering with a clear target for Eastern Ukraine, when the signal is given by Moscow.

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