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Exhibition: Dare to Know: Prints and Drawings in the Age of Enlightenment

What role did drawings and prints play during the Enlightenment era, from roughly 1720 to 1800? Dare to Know explores many nuances of this complex time—when political and cultural revolutions swept across Europe and the Americas, spurring profound shifts in science, philosophy, the arts, social and cultural encounters, and our shared sense of history. Indeed, the Enlightenment itself has been described as a “revolution of the mind.” Bringing together 150 prints, drawings, books, and other related objects from Harvard as well as collections in the United States and abroad, this exhibition offers provocative insights into both the achievements and the failures of a period whose complicated legacies reverberate still today. Dare to Know asks new and sometimes uncomfortable questions of the so-called age of reason, inviting visitors to embrace the Enlightenment’s same spirit of inquiry—to investigate, to persuade, and to imagine. Special Exhibitions Gallery, Harvard Art Museums.

September 16, 2022–January 15, 2023, 


Exhibition: Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature

The great figure of Beatrix Potter known to children and adults alike for the wonderful worlds she invented is the subject of an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. It presents Potter not only as a creator but also as a scientist who advocates for nature and animals. The exhibition in collaboration with the National Trust will last until January 8 and includes photographs, objects and of course her unique watercolors.

On now until January 8, 2023

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