Steve McQueen’s method of how to wear white clothes

Steve McQueen has always been the ruler of fashion trends and the timeless style of the “king of cool” continues to influence the men’s wardrobe to this day.

The iconic American movie star was the epitome of style. A gentleman with a classic style and appeal in casual wear, where he rarely followed trends, choosing almost always, classic pieces. Masculine and self-assured, Steve McQueen was a lovable charmer whose laid-back style is replicated to this day with his timeless, casual wardrobe.

She had the ability to look effortlessly cool with a detached and carefree charm that appeals to everyone and that many men still aspire to emulate. From the watch he wore on his wrist to the motorcycle he rode, he had a calmness and laziness that is hard to replicate. Brands such as Persol, Baracuta and Clarks owe much of their enduring power to McQueen’s timeless legacy. Whether he was wearing swim shorts or racing suits, he mainly favored one simple shade: white.

For much of human history, white has been a symbol of purity. It was worn by priestesses in ancient Egypt and Rome, while ancient temples were lined with white marble. The Pope has worn white since 1566, as a symbol of purity and sacrifice, and it is worn by pilgrims in Islam and Japan’s Shinto religion. If you’re looking to switch up your look and embrace this monochromatic ensemble, especially with the sunnier days we’re living in, who better to teach us than the teacher himself?

  • White pants

In our conscience we believe, wrongly, that few men can wear a pair of white trousers. And yet Steve McQueen and James Dean loved it. The man who was known to be drenched in motor oil in his spare time managed to make them “his”. He had different white pants for many occasions. First up were his skinny jeans with a high crotch, which he wore either with a classic T-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. Then his relaxed chinos were the ideal piece for trips by motorbike, boat and he preferred them for his evening walks. For a more formal look, his suit trousers, with adjustable nickel-effect side snaps and tailor-fit stretch, are the ideal off-duty item you’ll need this holiday season.

  • White t-shirt

It’s always his go-to outfit because of its simplicity and because it can be the most versatile piece of a look. Marlon Brando made it cool. James Dean made it sexy. McQueen just made it fashionable. First, determine the style you want to achieve. Want a more modern and comfortable version? Is it meant to be oversized and fit inside the pants? Choose a style that feels timeless, something you can see yourself wearing even in 10 years. The white t-shirt alone can highlight the strengths or do the opposite.

If you want a flattering fit, look for a T-shirt that’s looser where you don’t want to draw attention and more fitted where you do. If you’re invited to a beach wedding, chances are a white polo shirt will do the job better than a long-sleeved button-down shirt. Choose something simple that matches your jacket, but is versatile enough to wear again on different occasions. Try everything on and appreciate how they look and feel.

White Sneakers

His Sanders & Sanders chukka shoes have been copied and replicated by countless brands, many trying to capture some of the star’s allure. But it’s the actor’s sneakers that have mesmerized us the most. Simple, without unnecessary details and with a practical low-rise construction, his shoes were sneakers for all hours. From a summer linen suit to a denim look, white sneakers can and should be worn with everything (away from a formal suit or the beach). How will you choose them? Because of their comfort, there is an abundance of white sneakers. Every brand has at least one pair on its shelves. Nike, New Balance, Common Projects and Converse are just a few options and you will surely find a pair that suits you.

  • White coat

His style in the movie Great Escape is the answer. The combination of the worn out sweatshirt with the cut off sleeves is such an iconic style for island nights. If you are invited to a wedding or a formal dinner a white linen or tuxedo style jacket can elevate your look and give a tone of formality. For casual appearances, the white denim jacket is ideal, as it matches all colors, highlights your tan and brightens your face. A white sweater tied over the shoulder is suitable for strolling through the alleys of the island, while a white windbreaker will save you from the storms of the boat and style.
Remember that white is the ideal color for a new beginning. It’s a blank canvas, a new page…

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