Russians advance on Chasov Yar while storming Zalizanske (Bakhmut)

The developments in the battles of Bakhmut are important, as the forces of Wagner managed to break the inner defensive ring of the Ukrainians in the center of the city and at the moment the clashes are taking place a few hundred meters from the central administrative buildings.

The Ukrainians have amassed a total of 70,000 men inside the city (about 5,000 left) and around it (mainly in Chasiv Yar) seeking to fight back and push back the Russians but this is a very difficult task as the Russians now control all the arterial roads and any frontal attack will end in disaster for the Ukrainians.

The Russians have also placed Chasiv Yar in a “pincer” from the north and south direction and in fact the corridor to Bakhmut that they have left open is a corridor of “death” as any Ukrainian force that advances is relentlessly bombarded.

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