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Most newspapers and magazines use bylines to identify the journalists who write their articles. The Liberal Globe use the same practice but strictly prohibits the use of photos for his writers. The reason this photo-ban policy is applied is about the safety of the writers and journalists who collaborate with us.

The ideal policy in this topic would be to apply full anonymity for columnists and writers in all kinds of magazines and newspapers of both the printed press and the online press and without ever allowing the use of photos in all kinds of forms. We are supporters of the view that what is written is the most important of who writes it. In the case of such a policy, the anonymity of the columnist and author imposed by the directorate, gives full freedom to young writers to express their own view under the protection of anonymity or pseudonymous by giving at the same time to readers, especially in the case of new newspapers and magazines respectively and as is our online magazine/journal, the impression that their editorial team are numerous than they actually are. But to make our readers believe that our editorial team is much greater than it is, is deception and falsehood and goes completely against the code of conduct we follow in The Liberal Globe.

On the other hand we know that in a world such as today’s constantly using social networks, television, internet and is addicted in general to photography and video in order to “break” the bonds of anonymity, it is very difficult to apply today, in a new online magazine such as ours, the policy of the complete anonymity of its columnists and writers. In addition, it is the right of everyone (columnist, writer, etc.) to want to show his work through his writings, assuming both the credit of his work and his responsibilities if the readers are not satisfied by the writings of.

For this reason, we give the right to columnists and writers who collaborate or want to collaborate with The Liberal Globe to use-show let in their posts only bylines with their first and last name (if they wish) or to use initials of their name and surname (and with no profiles in both cases) and only for the job-article they have written and present. But what is not allowed is the use of any photo and profile of them and purely for reasons their own security and for the others security who collaborate with us.

Most of the articles, analyses and researches that have been written so far in our website have been wrote by the founder and the soul of The Liberal Globe, Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis, who was in the first place impossible not to expose his profile publicly to our readers (his profile does not include a photo), who have every right to know who created the website The Liberal Globe.

In general, we believe that this approach is the best compromise between total anonymity and full bylines, in our view.