Our readers expect us to keep them well informed about the world. So, each week on Thursday noon online we provide carefully chosen global mix of stories. Our authoritative insight opinions, analyses, researches are reflected in the sections which are both thematic (Geopolitics, Politics, Economics & Finance, Business, Social, Research and Columns) and geographical (US, America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia). By systematically sifting news-issues in these categories we aim to safeguard that readers miss nothing important. In addition, we attempt to detect ideas and trends that will shape global progresses with intention to keep both us and our readers involved in the “severe contest”. This underpins all our digital outputs.

Our stories offer a distinctive blend of news, based on facts and genuine analysis, incorporating The Liberal Globe’s perspective.

We do not attach ourselves to any political party. Our public agenda is liberal in the classical sense and that indicates our name. We support the individual Freedom that every man must possess as good. We do not support just the word Freedom, but we support the unique and supreme principle that characterizes the word Freedom. The Liberalism (hence the first word – Liberal – in our name) which is based on three indisputable and fully applicable principles:

  • Equality (Isonomy) – every human being is equal when faced with the law, but also every person is equal in its participation in the formulation of each law (these constitute the basis of human rights).
  • The abolition of all types of totalitarianism.
  • The control every power of coercion, setting boundaries and limitations.

We support free trade and laissez-faire laissez-passer policies. We continue to promote bold policies in favour of individual freedoms, regardless of whether they are politically popular, even if that means we must oppose the will and the majority view, even if these positions that we express may be unpleasant and unbearable for the majority.