The EU and Germany’s “Backstabbing” in Tested Greece

The EU’s shade of the horror sparked by the COVID-19 epidemic (coronavirus) has wealed and turned the spotlight on the public’s publicity and attention (it is right and reasonable) to the way in which this deadly virus is dealt with, so that does not attention is paid to what is happening in other Eurozone member countries which do not have the EU’s proper support for the peculiar problems they face.

The EU leadership recently met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss ways to decompress the migration-refugee issue used by Turkey as a lever for EU blackmail to direct EU funding direct to the Turkish government from the EU so that in exchange Turkey to not promote migrants on Greece’s land and maritime borders which are also EU borders equally with Turkey (Turkey has land borders with EU member countries Bulgaria and Greece respectively and sea borders with Greece (EU)).

by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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The leaders of EU, President of Eu Commission Ursula von der Leyen and President of the European Council Charles Michel with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu
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The peculiarly problematic conditions facing Greece-an EU member country-on the migration issue created by Turkey

In the early days of March, Greece-a Eurozone (EU) and NATO member country equally had successfully repelled a violent wave of migrants on its land borders used as part of a hybrid war that Turkey has drawn up against Greece with Turkey’s aim to blackmail EU by receiving direct illegal EU funding in order not to open its borders by allowing migrants to head to the EU.

More details on the recent successful response to this hybrid war by Greece’s recently successful policy and its successful results for the whole EU, please read the analysis entitled “Greece: The EU’s Shield in Its Migration Problem”.

Turkey and correspondingly Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s are claiming Syrian territory on the grounds that they want to form a security zone to guide all Syrian war refugees living now safe on its territory. But Turkey does not mention the whole truth on this issue. More specifically,

Turkey’s southern border with Syria is closed for migrants and refugees in Syria’s civil war. Only a population of Syrians of the order of half a million people lives in the Idlib region of North-Eastern Syria, where Turkey wants to create this EU-funded safe zone. In addition, a population of fanatical jihadist fighters of around 23000-25000 people supported by Turkey lives in the Idlib region of Syria.

The vast majority of migrants heading from Turkey to Greece’s land and sea borders equally with Turkey’s aim to head them to the northern EU and for which the Turkish government demands direct funding from the EU to it and not this EU-funding to go to the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations’)  to which EU funding has been directed exclusively up to date, they are not Syrians as Turkey claims but Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Africans, etc.

According to EU law and international legislation on migration flows, none of these nationalities have the right to receive asylum status in the EU and since Turkey is a safe country in which none of these migrant smugglers are threatened and at the same time none of them are prosecuted for political and/or ideological reasons justifying asylum to them by the EU. In addition, a substantial proportion of the specific migration flows have work and housing in Turkey.

Greece is building floating fences to stop migration flows in the Aegean Archipelagos
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EU – The Pontius Pilate in the hybrid war Turkey has unleashed on Greece

In themselves, these findings show that all these migrants that Turkey is promoting towards its border with Greece do not have the necessary data to grant them asylum in any EU member country.

On the other hand and always under the international law concerning foreigners and migration but also and according to the international Law on Border Guard which defines the Border Guard Unit’s legal status, its duties, obligations and rights in safeguarding the integrity of a country’s national frontiers, Greece as the EU’s external border with Turkey has full legal responsibility for illegally or not crossing foreigners on its territory. 

For this reason, Greece has successfully deployed the illegal migration flows bound from Turkey to Greece in early March, it has put border guards, police officers and seacoast authorities on standby who did not allow illegal entry to no one.

Those few who managed to cross the Greek land border were arrested as illegally entering foreign territory on charges of violating state borders and were condemned by the Greek Courts at a very short time.

At the maritime border that Greece has with Turkey, the massive illegal entry of the above mentioned migrants into the Greek Aegean Archipelagos islands forms a continuous hybrid war against Greece in order to alter the nationality of the local Greek populations with a view to their future annexation by Turkey.

Minority Muslim populations and different ethnicities migrants from Greek island residents in the future could, in addition to altering the local population map, ask for protection of their supposedly violated civil rights by Turkey and not from Greece which is the sovereign state. In this case a war could begin between Greece and Turkey.

At the same time, the stay of overcrowding of migrants on these Greek islands creates suffocating living conditions for the indigenous inhabitants of these islands who will fail over time to live on these islands.

Greece push back policy to immigrants in the Greek land borders with Turkey
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In such a situation for Greece there are specific options:

1. Greece will have to deal with these migration hordes with persistent, strong and decisive policy of push  backs  both on land and at sea and regardless of political costs if there are dead migrants and regardless of the number of dead who in the initial phase of this push back policy can be a significant number.

2. With mass migration of Greek populations from their islands. Something impossible to accept the local Greek populations who will then turn violently towards the designated law and order staff of the Greek state.

This has already been done and preceded this violent reaction of the Greek people of the islands against the Greek police forces, forcing Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to adopt his firm stance towards migration flows.

3. With dramatic bursts of violence against immigrant intruders.

In all these cases Turkey and always on a long-term basis could benefit from such a chronic situation aiming to weave these Greek islands from Greece’s territorial sovereignty.

All this EU leadership sees it, secretly applauds them and quietly monitors them, ignoring the fact that Turkey is organising an aggressive act against a sovereign EU member country.

In fact, certain EU member countries such as Germany with its leader Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes and finances Turkey, completely ignoring Greece, already sending the first remittances directly to the Turkish government and not to NGOs so that Turkey in exchange, has promised to Germany not to lose the valuable arms trade promised to it.

At the same time, Germany promises Greece that it will receive financial assistance due to the impact on its economy from coronavirus epidemic and the increased costs of effectively guarding its border with Turkey, but in exchange for Greece accepting Turkey’s requirements in the Aegean Archipelago and the Eastern Mediterranean at the expense of the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and its continental shelf respectively.

Germany is the key country that can put pressure on Greece to accept Turkey’s positions. Turkey is backed by Germany, Russia and China that have firm interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. Germany is primarily interested in not improving the Greek-American and Greek-Israeli relations respectively, which in such a case would be detrimental to the interests of Germany, Russia and China in the Eastern Mediterranean where these three big countries for their own self-seeking reasons want to exclude US and Israel (US firm partner in Middle East) from Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East equally.

With this extremely treacherous attitude, Germany sends welcome to migrants as they will never reach German territory and let the Greek islands be lost, operating Germany as a Trojan horse towards security and territorial integrity of Greece.

The disgrace of all cart European solidarity unfolds full in all its glory.

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