Bolivia, BRICS and USA

On Wednesday June 26, 2024, General Juan Jose Zuniga, head of the Bolivian armed forces, attempted to seize power in a military coup. The government of President Luis Alberto Arce Catacora nicknamed “Lucho” held out and eventually the sworn conspirators were arrested.

The interest in the case is that Bolivia is a state in association with the BRICS. Something that the US has not received at all positively. The day before the coup, President Arce was on a visit to Russia where he saw President Putin in a cordial meeting.

General Zuniga, is a favorite child of the Americans and it has already been known that the coup was planned and financed by the CIA. After all, it is something that the USA is accustomed to oppressing the people of America with hard-sold straw man regimes, so that the potential of the states there does not develop and the production of opium and cocaine remains under central control.

The CIA has orchestrated coups in Bolivia in at least 1960 and 1971 and has attempted several covert operations to overthrow President Evo Morales (2006-2019) when he decided to renationalize Bolivia’s wealth-producing energy resources. Important note: Morales’ finance minister and architect of the renationalization of energy resources was the current President Arce !!!

President “Lucho”, belongs to the middle class of Bolivian society. He studied economics in the United Kingdom, specifically at the University of Warwick. He has worked as a banker and economist at the Central Bank of Bolivia. Before becoming President, he served as Finance Minister for almost a decade. He was replaced for health reasons after he was stricken with kidney cancer, thus joining the special club of US political opponents who suddenly develop cancer. But it looks like he overcame the problem…

He is considered – and rightly so – as the economic reformer of modern Bolivia, having boosted the country’s GDP by 344% and greatly reduced poverty from 38% to 15%. He dared and taxed the rich in Bolivia and in a very successful way! He has also carried out an idiosyncratic and ambitious legalization of cocaine producers (cocaleros) with the aim of cutting them off from the illegal circuits and contributing to the country’s pharmaceutical industry.

The government of President Luis Alberto Arce Catacora nicknamed “Lucho”

Joining the BRICS alliance sounds like the logical next step for such a constructive economic entity. Bolivia applied for membership in 2015 (with President Morales) and there are whispers that Lucho will be the President in whose days full membership will take place. As you can imagine, the US is not happy about such a development and so they assigned the CIA to once again “democratize” Bolivia.

Fortunately as it turns out, when you’re part of the BRICS, the xenophobic straw men of international capital, they don’t always succeed.

Bolivia has the highest growth rates in Latin America and has also made major reforms to the country’s judicial system and security policy.

All these positives, one would expect, the USA as “champions of democracy” would applaud. But it seems that they care little about the obvious progress of the Bolivian people and are very concerned about the lost control of the country’s energy sources and the dismantling of the cocaine production system.

Even if the politicians in the US are parroting empty words about democracy, in the end they are the ballast of the complex interests that want the Nations enslaved and dependent.

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