Amentum: The American… Wagner in Libya

Aiming to impose its influence on the region, after France held the prerogative until the previous century, Washington seeks to take under its control the entire region of northern Africa. Washington plans to confront its main rivals in Western Libya, with an emphasis on Russia and Turkey. An example that reveals this direction is the denunciation of the signing of two new memoranda of understanding between Tripoli and Ankara in 2019 and 2022, regarding cooperation in the extraction of oil and natural gas, including joint exploration off the coast of Libya.

Controversy in Turkey for Amentum

The nationalist press in Libya is concerned that this move puts the issue of Turkish influence and strategy in the region in a new context, combining it with the ever-increasing presence and activities of the American mercenary company Amentum in Libya, while the situation in the country remains controversial and uncertain. Perhaps the use of the Al-Khums port in the east of Tripoli will be transferred to an American company. After all the money spent on Libya and the successes achieved, the loss of influence in the region may mark another defeat for President Erdogan, who lost the local elections.

In early February, teams from the mercenary company Amentum, a company allegedly working for the US State Department and the Pentagon, arrived at Mitiga Air Base in Libya. Amentum, which is characterized in Turkey as “obscure”, appears to have assumed an important role in the field of armed action in Libya. The company is involved in armed conflicts over control of oil refineries, cooperates with Dbeibeh’s government, trains forces in the west of the country and unites armed groups (militia).

Reports highlight Amentum’s involvement in armed conflicts in the area of the Zawiyah oil refinery. It’s no secret why the company was sent there: to control refineries and profitable supply routes and put the US ahead of international competition in Libya. Also, the recent visit of senior Pentagon official John Bozarth to Tripoli on March 3, 2024 reveals the close relationship between Amentum and the US authorities. The deal to transfer part of Libya’s military infrastructure to the security company Amentum is causing concern in Turkey.

Strategy Switch: Is Libya Heading Towards the US, Pushing Turkey Away?

Libyan Prime Minister Dbeiba appears to be changing his approach and prioritizing cooperation with the US, replacing the focus of the country’s strategic partnerships with Turkey. The Prime Minister of Libya seems to be putting aside Turkey in the military aspect and emphasizing the cooperation of the USA now. Cooperation between Libya and the US is emerging as critical, as Prime Minister Dbeibeh’s commitment to unifying the militias in the west of the country shows his will to achieve stability and development through transatlantic cooperation.

The US wants to control Libya’s energy resources

Ismail Hakki Pekin, lieutenant general h.a. and former Chief of General Staff Intelligence, in an interview with United World International (UWI), confirmed that the US is in talks with local militias in Libya and that the issue of Libya will be one of the topics on Erdogan’s agenda during the meeting of the White House with Joe Biden in May. This is what the US is trying to do, to remove Turkey from Libya. The UN envoy to Libya is also working on this issue. According to Beijing, Washington is waiting for conditions to improve in its favor to control energy resources. The US, for the Turkish military, wants to control money and energy, is trying to break the Russian-Chinese influence not only in Libya but also in the entire continent of Africa.

Octopus tentacles

The activities of the private military company Amentum are not limited to Libya. It was founded in 2020 and quickly established itself as the successor to DynCorp, a military company known for its work with the US State Department and the Pentagon, including training security forces in conflict zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. According to a post on the company’s website, the Pentagon awarded Amentum $165 million to “enhance national security in Africa.”

Under the guise of maintaining peace in Africa, the company has signed contracts to train the Benin army and build military bases for the Somali National Army, as well as design, manufacture and build military bases in Somalia. Amentum was also contracted by the Pentagon to reduce biological threats on the African continent and conduct biological laboratory experiments in various African countries. Although the company officially announced its presence in Somalia and Benin, its operations in Libya remained secret until they came to the attention of the media.

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