Relentless Russia-EU hybrid/electronic/espionage warfare

It is true and confirmed every day the fact of an “unknown war”, between hundreds of Russian spies on European soil, and the other side. This scenario in case of war involvement of NATO in Ukraine, will be magnified and will cause chaos on the European soil with incalculable consequences for millions of inhabitants.

Russia is sabotaging European railways

Russia is trying to sabotage European railways,” said Czech Transport Minister Karl Dekonink. Kupka said Russia is trying to sabotage European railways by hacking their signaling systems. According to him, thousands of attempts to interfere with rail networks and signals have been made for some time in a campaign aimed at destabilizing the European Union and disrupting vital infrastructure.

Previous cyberattacks have affected ticketing systems and sparked concerns about signal interference that could potentially lead to catastrophic accidents.

The Czech Republic is also planning to build a high-speed rail line connecting Berlin, Prague and Vienna.

The proposed railway is the first of a planned series of such projects that will eventually connect Moldova, Ukraine and the Western Balkans to Central Europe.

The EU is co-financing the project through the Connecting Europe Facility fund established in 2014 for infrastructure investments. Russia has been accused of many other covert attacks on civilian infrastructure in other European countries.

Until now, most attention has been paid to its efforts to hit European energy systems, but EU intelligence services are now expanding their scope. The EU Cybersecurity Agency published its inaugural report on transport threats in March last year.

Sweden, Finland, Poland and the Baltic States were directly affected by Russian electronic warfare. Russia has faced accusations dating back to 2010 of jamming GPS signals in neighboring countries.

Russia and EU information war

This highlighted an increase in “attacks against railway companies”, mainly attributed to the war in Ukraine. Specifically, the Agency identified significant cyber attacks by “pro-Russian hacker groups” targeting railway companies in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Estonia.

The Czech cyber security agency NUKIB had already warned of increasing cyberattacks in the energy and transport sectors.

In January this year, Russia appeared to be engaged in electronic warfare, apparently orchestrated by the Russian city of Kaliningrad, by disrupting GPS signals in neighboring countries.

Estonian software company SensusQ identified a secret Russian electronic warfare system called Tobol that was responsible for these attacks.

Another digital war is also reportedly being waged for information between Russia and the EU. On March 29, Czech intelligence services accused politicians of accepting payments from Russian influence companies.

The Czechs have alleged that the Russians have set up an influence network in hopes of influencing the upcoming European Parliament elections in June through a news website called Voice of Europe. Half a dozen European intelligence agencies were involved in uncovering Russia’s influence operation.

Prague has become increasingly aggressive in Russia’s influence campaigns after passing a law in 2022 that allows the government to take action against foreign entities suspected of violating human rights or [of] cyber crimes.

So the world war between Russia and the EU has just begun, and let not many see it yet.

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