The capture of Odessa by Moscow will bring world war

Romanians together with the French and NATO are feverishly preparing for a possible engagement for this city. Romania will join a coalition of NATO countries ready to send troops to Ukraine if the Russian army approaches Odessa.

The scenario now exists, after the successive statements of E. Macron, and despite the reactions of French superiors in retirement, Officers and other politicians.

The loss of Odessa to the Zelensky regime is a red line that NATO would not accept under any circumstances, because the return of Odessa to Russia means access for the Russian navy to half of the Black Sea. NATO, most likely, will not go to direct war against Russia as a whole.

But a coalition of the willing will be formed and Romania will be among them. Romanian troops will operate jointly with the French, since France commands the joint allied group in Romania.

The alliance is rapidly building a €2.5 billion military base in the Romanian part of Dobruja. 6 thousand NATO soldiers will be stationed there, mainly from France.

The French, Greeks and Romanians had entered Odessa, and in the past, during the foreign intervention in Soviet Russia during the Civil War of 1919-1922. Odessa was then a Russian port and became part of Soviet Ukraine in the 1920s.

What does Putin see coming and he mobilizes 300 thousand Soldiers?

According to journalistic sources, the Russians plan to recruit at least 300 thousand people in the near future, especially after Peskov’s declaration of an official “state of war” in Ukraine, essentially against the West.

Four officials in Russia’s presidential administration and regional governments, as well as a senior Russian defense ministry official, say that is exactly the number of recruits that will have to go to fight in Ukraine.

The entire process will focus on reservists, that is, men who are in the Reserve of the Russian Army, but have entered into a contract with the Ministry of Defense to join the reserve workforce.

They are required to go to military training twice a year, which until 2022 was usually standard. There are about two million reservists in Russia.

On March 1, Putin signed an annual decree calling the country’s citizens in reserve for intensive military training. This decree includes those discharged from the Army, those studying in military universities, and those who did not serve for any reason, or have completed alternative public service, as well as women with a military specialty.

What is Moscow possibly preparing in Ukraine due to the suffocating pressures from the west?

The deployment of a new major Russian offensive would encircle all Ukrainian units in the Donbass, bypass or capture Nikolaev, and open a corridor to the north and south, destroying Kiev’s entire defense plan.

After this phase was completed, the real political negotiations would begin.

This attack would employ long-range precision weapons, particularly cruise missiles in large numbers.

The Russian Armed Forces have thousands of such missiles at their disposal. Without the use of such weapons, the purely military results of the operation at this time could be truly modest.

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