How does body language “betray” lovers?

The early stages of a relationship are full of excitement and romance – you learn new things about your partner, try different experiences and discover your feelings.

You might be ready to shout that magic phrase… but maybe you’re hesitant to make that statement first for fear that there won’t be a response.

Although people express their love in different ways, there are some basic signs that someone is in love with you, even if they haven’t told you.

How their body language “betrays” love

Our bodies often reveal our deepest feelings, despite our best efforts to hide them. Trust your intuition. Your subconscious has a tendency to pick up on things that you may not have even consciously noticed.

You can tell if someone is in love with you by how they make you feel and also by how they act when they are around you. Some signs that your significant other feels the same way about you include:

1. Proximity

If someone is in love, they will try to “bridge” the physical gap between you every chance they get. Does he come closer to you when standing or does he seek to sit next to you when there is room? Do they lean towards you when they speak or position their body in your physical space?

If you answered yes to the above questions, it is clear that this person has a desire to be physically close to you. A person who is in love with you will have their body facing you, especially their knees and feet.

2. Touch

Notice the use of touch. Does he lean on you or touch your hand when you talk? If your partner craves your physical touch, this is another sign that he may be in love with you.

3. Caution

If he’s focusing solely on you, hanging on your every word, and not getting too distracted by other stimuli then that’s a very big sign that he’s in love with you and you have his undivided attention.

4. Visual contact

A look has the power to create a very strong physical connection. If your partner looks you in the eye, it communicates a lot about their desires. Bonus points if he can’t help but smile when he’s around you.

5. Protective gestures

When we love someone, we want their safety and make sure to protect them even unconsciously, whether by opening doors for them, or walking on the side of the road, or holding out your hand in front of them on a crosswalk.

If your partner is willing to give you a helping hand without a second thought, they may really care about you.

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